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During your exchanges, Inatysco takes care of your data. Confidentiality of your files is our top priority. We also look for the most direct routes to send them. That’s why we’ve developed a tool that can establish a connection using the shortest path directly between your computer or server and your associate’s. Your files are encrypted even before leaving your computer, then sent via a channel that’s also encrypted. It’s a real “digital handshake” that ensures a very high level of confidentiality. No more sending files without knowing where they’re really being stored and who can really read them. You’ll find peace of mind. If you’re a subscriber, you have access to a dedicated server space where your encrypted data are stored, so they’re unreadable by Inatysco or any other third party you may not know about. You’re the manager of this secured space, and you can use it as you wish: temporary or permanent storage, deleting or adding files. You can schedule and carry out delayed transfers to keep things flexible for you or your recipient. For now, our users’ server spaces are all located in France. Inatysco’s services are accessible in many parts of the world. So soon, users will be able to choose the geographic location for their server spaces, and they’ll be told where their files end up once transferred to their recipients.

There is no limit to the number of files you can send for free. But each file must be less than 200 MB.

At Inatysco, data confidentiality is job one. Only you have the power to authorize file decryption. The computer protocols we use ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your exchanged files. Only your designated contacts will be able to read them.
With the Inatysco exchange protocol, you can ensure the file you received matches the one that was sent, without having to access the file content. This is one of the many unique features our R&D teams have worked so hard on.

You don’t have to create an account to use our solutions! But an account does give you access to three really useful features.

A directory

With an account, you can register recipients in a directory. No need to send a contact code–future mailings will be even faster!

A digital log with proof of your exchanges

Exchange traceability is one of the key features of Inatysco’s solutions. By creating an account, you keep a log proving the integrity of the transfer (the file received is the one that was sent) and decryption.

Participation in community networks

With an Inatysco subscription, you will soon be able to participate in different community networks. For example, you can participate in the preservation of the southern French coastline by joining the Data Nostrum network. This goal of this community (managed by Inatysco and the Occitania Region) is to unite all stakeholders across the region, from citizens to large companies, to improve the quality of life along the coast and its harmonious development.

The free version of the Inatysco application is enough for many occasional needs. For professional use or to benefit from the flexibility of secure delayed transfers, we recommend Inatysco Pro. With Inatysco Pro, you will have access to new exclusive and secure services, greater control and flexibility, and maximum confidentiality. 

A dedicated server space

Our professional subscription gives you access to a secure server space. It is entirely dedicated to you. You can store your files securely and confidentially. The data is encrypted on your computer before being deposited on the server.  

Schedule secure and confidential transfers

With Inatysco Pro, you no longer need to coordinate with your recipient to both connect at the same time. You encrypt your file and make it available to your recipient in a specific area of your dedicated server space provided for this purpose. They can retrieve it whenever they want and ask you for the decryption rights, which you can grant them via the application. 

No more limits on file size

The free version limits the size of individual files. With Inatysco Pro, there is no longer a limit on the file size that can be sent. Though we do recommend you use delayed sending for the largest files.
Our security standard is high. Encryption methods and protocols are fully controlled, and we’ve taken great care in our software implementation. And we’re always improving. Each exchange connection is established through a WebRTC channel (peer-to-peer connection) encrypted in DTLS. Delayed exchanges pass through an HTTP channel encrypted in TLS. In both cases, the data that pass through these channels are themselves encrypted under AES-256, and our protocol does not allow the associated keys to pass directly (use of Diffie Hellman through a fair exchange protocol). This file encryption and key exchange protocol will also ultimately allow you to pass data across public servers. It will always be very difficult for unauthorized people to gain access to the file content.
Of course, Inatysco stores your information securely and with great care. We only keep the information we need to manage accounts and subscriptions. Don’t want to use our solutions any more? Want to delete your account and all its information, or simply have access to your account data that we keep? No problem. Just send us a request at : you decide to request that we delete your account, we guarantee that your Inatysco account and all the information it contains are totally deleted once that request is processed.

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