The Inatysco app

Secure file transfer

Send files to your partners peer-to-peer, with no intermediary and with complete confidentiality. Our technologies and our original protocol ensure the smooth running of your exchanges with unprecedented traceability!

Key features

+ Direct transfer with no intermediary

The Inatysco app lets you transfer files via a direct connection between two computers, from one workstation to the other. The data is encrypted and only the recipient can see it. You can verify your correspondent’s identity in the chat window.

+ File encryption

All your files are encrypted locally on your computer before transfer. You generate a unique key on your computer that will be used to secure each file upload. The files are then sent via a channel that is itself encrypted.

+ Verified file integrity

Our original transfer protocol gives you the assurance that the file received by your associate is the one you sent. Without decrypting the data, a dedicated algorithm verifies that the file has retained all its characteristics and that the content has not been altered.

+ Proof of sharing

Once your associate recives the file, they must request access rights from you. When you accept this request, our protocol generates a unique proof of decryption that everyone can keep or share with trusted third parties.

+ Directory and exchange log

Our application works without an account. However, if you do create an account with Inatysco, you can create and manage a list of verified correspondents. This way, you keep all evidence of your shares.



$0 _
  • Premium confidentiality
  • Unlimited volume of transfers
  • Data tracability
  • Synchronous file shares
  • No storage
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$10 _
Per month / user
  • FREE
  • +
  • 100 contacts directory
  • +
  • Synchronous and asynchronous file shares
  • +
  • 250Gb encrypted private storage


$12 _
Per month / user
  • SOLO
  • +
  • Unlimited contacts directory
  • +
  • 500Gb encrypted private storage
  • +
  • In-Business deployment with trainer
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Advantages of a Solo account

+ Private storage space

A Solo subscription gives you a private storage space you can access with the Inatysco app. Files stored in this space are encrypted with your secret code. Only you can decrypt them. So you have total control over files stored in this space.

+ Delayed file transfer

A Solo subscription allows you to store encrypted files intended for one or more of your associates in your private storage space. Your associates can retrieve them when they want by asking you for decryption permission. This transfer obviously follows Inatysco’s original protocol.

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