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What if someone hijacks our digital exchanges?

Inatysco is changing the paradigm and giving you back control of your data.
Send files to your peer-to-peer partners, with no intermediary and with complete confidentiality.
Our technologies and our original protocol ensure smooth exchanges of your data with unprecedented traceability!

Key features



End-to-end encrypted exchanges

Identity verification

Verify the recipient’s identity before giving them read permissions


Transfer with no intermediary

The files go directly to the recipient with no intermediary

Proof of sharing

The app automatically verifies the integrity of the data exchanged, with proof that the file was shared



Interact with your partners


Participate in data collection campaigns organized by companies or interest-based communities



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  • Premium confidentiality
  • Unlimited volume of transfers
  • Data tracability
  • Synchronous file shares
  • No storage
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Per month / user
  • FREE
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  • 100 contacts directory
  • +
  • Synchronous and asynchronous file shares
  • +
  • 250Gb encrypted private storage


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Per month / user
  • SOLO
  • +
  • Unlimited contacts directory
  • +
  • 500Gb encrypted private storage
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  • In-Business deployment with trainer
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Our story

In 2019, our team composed of high tech and digital enthusiasts decided to create Inatysco.
Our goal? Give back control of their datas to the sources

Our smartphones, our vehicle, our debit card, our smartwatch or water meter, and even… Our file shares! More and more of our actions and daily items are generating datas. They’re often gathered, most of the time with our consent for targeted ads. Yet, our datas are worth gold. They also are raw materials essential to better understand and anticipate major current changes within our societies. With Inatysco, take back control of our datas, and become again actors of major challenges.

Our partners

Inatysco App will soon be available on iOS & Android devices, subscribe to our newletter to be the first to know !

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+ Private storage for your encrypted data

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Inatysco App will soon be available on iOS & Android devices, subscribe to our newletter to be the first to know !

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